Biology class

Less than 24 hours and I get to see my girlfriend.  I can hardly wait.  It’s almost like Christmas.  It’s kinda hard to believe.  I never at once thought I would miss her so much.  Not that that is bad or anything it’s just that I never planned on it.  I’m really glad we are together.

Well, I think I got my major changed today.  I hope I did. I guess I’ll soon find out.  I think I have this whole college thing down.  It isn’t as hard as everybody says, at least not yet.  But if I don’t find another class to take then I’ll only have about 12 hours this semester and that means that next semester I’ll have to take 17 hours, which I don’t really want.

My Biology class totally sucks, it’s right up there with my math class, that’s how bad it is.  But I met this one girl who is friends with Jesse and she told me that Jesse is supposed to be going here and if he is I haven’t seen him.  She was also talking about Shane and how she was dating him so we talked about that stuff for a while.  But my Biology professor must think it’s a Chemistry class or something because everything we are going over seems to be a repeat of last semesters Chemistry class.  Maybe I should have listened then.

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